Star Trek: Online On Alien Races

In the ninth volume of Star Trek: Online‘s “Ask Cryptic!’ questions regarding character customization are answered.

As reported by Star Trek: Online, details on races were given, including established races and new ones created by the game developers, as well as how players can create their own customized races, including non-organic ones.Star Trek: Online will offer the expected races, but don’t be surprised to see new and fun ones in the game. “Currently we’re focusing on the IP races,” Awen posted, speaking for Star Trek: Online. “There are so many of them in the Universe and we think fans really want to see that. We’re creating as many of those as possible. We’re also creating a handful of races that have been mentioned in the IP but have never appeared on screen before.”

“To date, we’ve mostly made lots of crazy alien mixes for fun,” Awen added. “Although it’s most important for us to focus on getting the key Universe races into the game, expect to see all sort of unique and strange new alien races in our exploration content.”

This includes non-organic life, including such familiar races as the Tholians. “Definitely in the game there will be non-organic life-forms,” said Awen, “androids, rock people, Tholians, and so on…You can create a character who looks like an android, or call yourself a hologram, and give that character abilities and traits in keeping with that choice. For example, if you’re an android, you may be able to choose radiation resistance as a characteristic. Additionally, you’ll be able to add bridge officers to your staff who may be androids or holograms, or something new, and they would have special abilities appropriate for them. However, you won’t be able to look like a Tholian; you’ll have to choose a bipedal humanoid.”

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