Star Trek: D.A.C.

More details have emerged on Naked Sky Entertainment’s Star Trek: D.A.C., except for the meaning of “D.A.C.”

As reported by Shacknews and IGN, the Star Trek: D.A.C. game, designed for Xbox Live and Playstation 3, will be based on J.J. Abram‘s Star Trek XI.Up to twelve players can compete in a game of Star Trek: D.A.C. There are three game modes, including one with two six-player teams (Federation vs. Romulan) and a single-player mode where the player battles against A.I. bots.

Three classes of vessels will be offered; bomber, fighter and flagship, including the new Star Trek XI USS Enterprise. The music for the game will also come from Star Trek XI.

The game is based on Star Trek XI, but it won’t recreate the plot. “I think it’s a mistake that most movie games try to emulate the plot of the movie,” said Paramount Producer Benjamin Hoyt. The battles are “inspired by the movie, but not seen in it.”

Star Trek: D.A.C. will release in May 2009, according to a promotional poster for the game.

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