Seventy-Eight Reasons To Love Nimoy And Spock

Leonard Nimoy turns seventy-eight today. To celebrate, UGO has assembled a list of seventy-eight reasons to love both Nimoy and the famous Vulcan he portrayed.

As reported by UGO, how can one not love a character who, unlike Captain Kirk, is not a “Herbert” (The Way To Eden, reason #76.) For those unfamiliar with the original series episode, a “Herbert” would have been someone who in the 1960s would have been known as a “square.”
More reasons to love the pointy-eared Vulcan: #61 – Some blinded them with science, Spock short-circuited Landru with logic! #53 – Spocko! “I would advise ‘youse’ to keep dialing, Oxmyx.” #50 – Wearing a shower curtain whilst beaming down to Psi 2000. – #43 Wearing a goatee in the Mirror Universe and inspiring Flexo, nice Cartman and a prog rock supergroup. #31- Breaking with canon and telling Droxine about Pon Farr in The Cloud Minders.

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