Pine: Taking Kirk From Rebel to Captain

Chris Pine had the job of taking James T. Kirk from a twenty-five-year old who was more like a fifteen-year-old, to the Captain of the Enterprise.

As reported by Sci Fi Wire, Pine was given a Kirk that was young and angry. “What was presented to me was this vision of Kirk in the script as an angry young kid who is dealing with some heavy family s–t and is angry at the world,” explained Pine.“He’s a rebel without a cause,” explained Pine. “I think everyone can remember what it’slike to be fifteen, and he’s a twenty-five-year-old fifteen-year-old!He has to mold all that energy and that drive and all that passion andobstinance and the spectrum of emotions into the man that Kirk thenbecomes, which is the captain of the ship.”

Star Trek XI is more than drama and angst though. There is humor in the film, including a scene in which Kirk has a “hilarious side effect” thanks to one of Dr. McCoy’s experimental injections. “I loved it,” said Pine. “I had the easiest job on the planet. I got to do everything: comedy, drama…the whole nine yards. The humor was really fun. I’m hopeful that it will allow people into this world [who] kind of think of Trek as this campy world where you couldn’t laugh at all.”

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