New Star Trek XI Posters

Several new Star Trek XI posters from the U.K., Germany and Spain hit the Internet setting off speculation as to their authenticity.

As reported by Trek News (Germany) and Empire Magazine, several different versions of Star Trek XI posters from around the world are the hot topic of fan discussion today.There are five versions circulating, which show various scenes from the movie. The U.K. version shows Uhura, Kirk and Spock, with a shot of the Enterprise under construction below them. A Spanish poster shows San Francisco being attacked by Nero’s energy weapon.

Debate raged online as to whether the posters were genuine, early drafts or fan art. Trek News (Germany) claims that at least one of them is authentic, as does Empire Magazine. U.S. fans are waiting to see if a new U.S. poster is released and if so, if it will differ from these international versions.

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