Meaney Voices Irish Simpsons Episode

Colm Meaney, best known to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans as Miles O’Brien, will be lending his voice talents to the In the Name of the Grandfather episode of The Simpsons due to air this week.

As reported by and LocateTV, Homer, feeling guilty over neglecting Grampa, makes it up to him by granting him the wish of his choice, which ends up being a trip to the Emerald Isle.Once in Ireland, Grampa and Homer drop by Grampa’s favorite pub from his army days but they find that things have changed and not for the better. The pair end up buying the bar from pub owner Tom O’Flanagan, voiced by Meaney.

In the Name of the Grandfather airs on Sunday night on Fox at 8:00 P.M. However, U.K. Sky 1 viewers will get a St. Patrick’s Day airing five days ahead of the U.S.

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