Greenwood: Star Trek XI And Destiny

Bruce Greenwood, Star Trek XI‘s Captain Christopher Pike, found multiple messages in Star Trek XI.

As reported by, Star Trek XI will make fans think about potential, fate and destiny. “[Star Trek XI] addresses issues like ‘Where you come from?’ and asks ‘how much of where you come from affects who you are and what your potential is?,” explained Greenwood. “Are you the master of your own change, are you programmed to some degree?” For sure, no matter what, this is one of these movies that invites you to have a conversation with yourself.”Greenwood hasn’t seen Star Trek XI in its entirety yet, but feels that the movie was done very well. “Based on the script and having filmed it, I’ll say the emotional arc of the characters is very well crafted,” he said. “Even so it has amazing effects and technology I think it’s the story that makes this film so good. It’s so story and emotion driven.”

What was Greenwood’s most moving moment working on the film? “For sure walking on the bridge of the Enterprise, seeing the actual deck of the bridge,” he said. “It was like walking into a kind of a time warp, walking into the future and into the past at the same time.”

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