Fuller Wants New Star Trek Show

Former Star Trek Writer/Co-producer Bryan Fuller would like to create a new Star Trek series for television.

As reported by Den of Geek!, Fuller would like to return to the spirit of the original series. “I told my agent and told the people of J.J. Abrams‘s team I want to create another Star Trek series and have an idea that I’m kicking around. I would love to return to the spirit of the old series with the colors and attitude. I loved Voyager and Deep Space Nine, but they seem to have lost the ’60s fun and I would love to take it back to its origin.Fuller was responsible for writing twenty-two Star Trek episodes; two of which were for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Empok Nor, The Darkness and the Light) and the other twenty for Star Trek: Voyager. Since his Trek days, Fuller has worked on Heroes as a writer and co-executive producer, and he was the creator of the short-lived award-winning Pushing Daisies. Pushing Daisies told the tale of a man who had the power to bring dead people back to life with a touch.

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