Abrams: Bana Became Character

A shaved head and tattoos turned Eric Bana into a believable, menacing character.

As reported by NineMSN, J.J. Abrams was surprised at how Bana was transformed after a few cosmetic changes. “He had to shave his head, put on face tattoos, crazy ears and a huge wart,” said Abrams. “He just transformed. He did all these great things. To me, he became this character.”Others didn’t recognize Bana after the transformation. “Eric came up with this great voice and did all these things to a degree that there were a couple of people, directors, who saw the movie and afterward said ‘Who was that bad guy,'” explained Abrams. “When I told them it was Eric Bana, they were like ‘What?’. It was so funny seeing people who would know him not recognize him.”

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