‘Star Trek XI’ Super Bowl Commercial

A new commercial promoting Star Trek XI is due to air in Super Bowl XLIII, but fans are already getting a peek of it courtesy of YouTube.

As found on YouTube, fans of Star Trek XI won’t have to wait until Super Bowl Sunday to see the new Star Trek XI commercial.

The thirty second ad is just one of the commercials slated for SuperBowl XLIII, in which the Pittsburgh Steelers will go for their sixthSuper Bowl Championship, playing against the Arizona Cardinals who areseeking their first Super Bowl win. (Go Steelers!)

A thirty-second commercial is setting advertisers back threemillion dollars.

Most ads will be thirty second ads, at least one willrun for fifteen seconds and a handful will run for a full minute. Theads took until almost the last day to sell out unlike in previousyears, due to the economy.

The first half of the Star Trek XI commercial featuresJames Kirk. His first meeting with Leonard McCoy is shown, and the restof the commercial is fast-paced action scenes.

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