New USS Enterprise Wallpapers

German CG artist and Star Trek fan Tobias Richter has designed new desktop images of the Star Trek XI USS Enterprise.

As reported by, Richter, the owner of the Light Works graphics studio in Cologne, Germany, does visual effects for games, television and movies.Richter has done some graphic work in the past on DVD covers for Paramount Home Entertainment. His new Star Trek XI Enterprise work is based only on material in the public arena; from the official image release, the three trailers and from some images of forthcoming toys.

The images include one of the Enterprise with the Earth and Moon in the background, several other shots of the ship near planets (one with asteroids surrounding the ship,) and other pictures of the Enterprise in space.

On Richter’s website, located here, there are more images from Star Trek that were created for the official Star Trek magazine. These include various Federation ships with some of them around various space ports. For Klingon fans, there are several Klingon ships, including one that has landed on Qo’noS.

To read more, head to the article located here.

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