Kaplan On Designing Star Trek XI Costumes

Award-winning costume designer Michael Kaplan‘s lack of Star Trek knowledge was a good thing as far as J.J. Abrams was concerned.

As reported by TrekMovie.com, from an article in SciFi Now, Kaplan thought his lack of Star Trek knowledge would work against him in his first meeting with Abrams. “I went into that meeting thinking I had a huge problem and disclosed to him that I hadn’t seen any of the Star Trek movies and knew the TV series, but just because I was growing up during that time, not because I was an avid fan. He felt that was a plus, because he wanted something really fresh. He wanted new eyes.”Creating a new version of the original series uniform, Kaplan opted for a more sophisticated look. “I created a new fabric where a pattern of the boomerang logo was utilized,” he explained. “You’ll also see that there is now a black shirt that’s a part of the uniform. Back on the TV show, it was all one piece. This is like the undershirt and uniform is on top of that. It made sense to me that the uniform would have an undershirt, and that it would still be consistent. The shirt is a dark charcoal gray, as are the pants, and the color of the jumpers describe what that person’s job is.”

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