Foster To Pen ‘Star Trek XI’ Adaptation

Author of ‘Star Trek: The Animated Series’ ‘log books’ to adapt latest ‘Star Trek’ movie. Veteran sci-fi novelist Alan Dean Foster announced on his website that he would be doing the Star Trek XI novelization.

As reported by, Pocket Books has confirmed Foster’s website announcement and added that the book would be released on the same date as the film (May 8th) or within several days of the release. The book will be in the “trade paperback” format and will retail for approximately &_#36;16.00.

On Foster’s website, located here, he posted the following update several days ago: “This month’s update is going to be very brief. I had to fly into Los Angeles a week ago to, among other things, see the new ‘Star Trek’ movie at Paramount. Which in my opinion is, by the way, really, really good. And as I’m writing the book version, and as said book version must be completed really, really soon, I am going to be really, really busy for the next month.”

Foster, a prolific science-fiction author, is no stranger to Star Trek, having authored the ten Star Trek: The Animated Series “log books” in the 1970s. He also was responsible for Star Trek: The Motion Picture Photostory, a novelization of the first Star Trek movie.

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