Jeff Mariotte's Responses

By Jeff Mariotte
Posted at October 29, 1999 - 5:00 AM GMT

Query From: David Henderson

You haven't said much about DS9 comics... what can you tell us about your plans for DS9? Will you have any stories set after the series finale, and if so, will you be working with Marco Palmieri at Pocket Books to make your stories compatible with his plans for post-finale DS9?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Hi David,

Yes, we will be doing DS9 books, yes we're working with Marco to make them compatible with the post-finale DS9 status that Pocket Books and Paramount are developing, and yes, any DS9 we do will be set after the finale.

Beyond that, I can't really say -- except watch for details!

Query From: Holly Kim Wilson

I haven't noticed any Deep Space Nine comics annouced. Will there be any? Specially any on Cardassians?????

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

See above -- I don't know if we'll end up with any stories on just Cardassians, but I'm sure they'll be around.

Query From: Chris

1) When will "The Killing Shadows" and "Avalon Rising" be released?
2) Is it true that Trek novelist Dean Wesley Smith will be writing a Star Trek comic for you?
3) Who will be lettering the books?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

1) The tentative schedule for these has "The Killing Shadows" coming in Sept., "Avalon Rising" in April.

2) Dean and Kristine Kathryn Rusch together!!

3) So far, they're being lettered here in house by Ryan Cline.

Query From: ben meyers

Hi. The artwork previews I've seen do look cool, and the plot outlines sound intriguing. I can hardly wait for new ST comics! Will there be any Wildstorm ST preview / ashcan comics produced? And how can I get one? Thanks.

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

There was a preview book released at Comic Con International: San Diego. It was black and white, just stapled, and contained art from "False Colors" and "Perchance to Dream." It was very limited, and long gone. But you don't have to wait much longer for the books themselves!

Query From: Mike Urvand

Have you given any more thought about a New Frontier series?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Thinking about it all the time. I'm confident that there will be a series or at least a one-shot.

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Jeff Mariotte is the editor of the Star Trek comics line at WildStorm Productions. You can submit a question to him here.