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By Jeff Mariotte
Posted at July 18, 1999 - 5:00 AM GMT

Query From: Roy Gales

Will Peter David or Michael Jan Friedman be doing any writing of any stories for Wildstorm or will you be doing any adaptations of any of their novels.

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

We don't plan to do any adaptations of novels -- there are practical limits to how many issues we can get out during the term of our license, and my personal feeling is that most people would rather see new, original stories rather than adaptations of things they've already read. As I've mentioned previously, we're talking to Peter David about doing some writing for the line. Haven't heard from Michael Jan Friedman, but I'd be open to it.

Query From: Josh Lee

Will it be possible to subscribe to the Trek comics or should we just pick them up at our local shops? I've had trouble with both in the past and was wondering which you recommend. Best of luck on all your titles.


Response From: Jeff Mariotte

As of this point, WildStorm titles have not been available by subscription. Now that we're part of DC Comics, I'm not sure if there are plans in the works to change that or not, but it seems possible. However, since the Trek books aren't going to be ongoing series, subscriptions would be very difficult to manage, so I'd guess they won't be offered unless we decide to go ongoing at some point.

Query From: Bob Manojlovich

Regarding the good news of NF comics, will you adapt the first 4 novels?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

See my above answer to adapting novels -- not in our current plans.


1- Do you plan to adapt the William Shatner novels like DC Comics did with the Ashes of Eden Graphic Novel in 1995 ?

2-Can you look at my homemade Trek comics strips at the Sci-Fi Headquarters website and give a critic to my art ?

Gustavo Leao

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

No plans to adapt any Shatner novels -- but if he felt like writing some original comics, we'd certainly talk to him. And I'll try to take a look at your art online, Gustavo, but can't promise when I'll get to it.

Query From: Bob Manojlovich

1) Will you produce graphic novels such as DEBT OF HONOR? 2) I love the fact that you will not do monthlies. Will you have any stories with original characters that have never before been seen? 3) Will your "post-DS9 series finale" stories' continuity be co-ordinated with Pocketbooks' novels?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

1) We have one major graphic novel in the simmering stage -- probably for early 2001. I'm not going to say anything more about it except that it'll be exceptionally cool. And of course, our Prestige Format one-shots will be about 44 pages long, so they're pretty substantial stories.
2) I don't know if we'll be making up any new ships and crews just for the comics, but I think it's likely that you'll be seeing a lot of new characters over the next couple of years.
3) Yes, our DS9 stuff will be co-ordinated with Pocket Books, to the extent that we'll both be working off the same post-series "bible." It may be even more closely tied than that -- they have a great editorial crew over there, and we've been talking about doing some fun stuff together.

Query From: Alex Rosenzweig

Hi, Jeff! First off, thanks for making yourself available to answer questions. I'm definitely looking forward to the upcoming ST comics.

Now, my turn for questions:

1] For the "Classic Trek" books, will you be focusing primarily on the original series time-period, or exploring the era of the feature films, as well?

2] Is there any contemplation being given to doing any stories based on Excelsior, especially since several novels suggest that at least Chekov joins Sulu there after ST6?

3] During previous DC Star Trek runs, there were several cases of DC and Pocket Books working together in terms of storytelling and character-crossover and such. Are there any plans for this type of thing in the current environment?

Thanks again!


Response From: Jeff Mariotte

You're welcome, Alex. I'm glad to do it.
1) We're considering stories set in every time period of the Original Series, including the features era.
2) I haven't had any Excelsior proposals come across my desk yet, but wouldn't rule it out.
3) Quite possibly -- see above.

Query From: peter

jeff good day extremely pleased to see star trek back in the comics good that i have got your ear can you guide me to whomever is handling the the dc/wildstorm novels ie: gen13 i would like info on future titles etc thanks

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

The only WildStorm novel currently in the works is the second Gen13 novel, which I'm writing with a terrific novelist named Scott Ciencin. It's scheduled to be out in summer 2000, from Ace. Now we just have to get it written...

Query From: Steve Roby

I know it's probably impossible for a number of reasons for you to continue Marvel's Star Trek: The Early Voyages (including the fact that you want to put your own stamp on the comics). But have you given any thought yet to doing any comics set in the early days of Trek continuity?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

I haven't yet had any proposals set in the very early days, like the Early Voyages stuff -- but I'm expecting to be looking at that for the second year of our license.

Query From: David

The list so far mentions only TOS, TNG, and Voyager. Are you planning any DS9 comics? Will they be set before or after the DS9 series finale?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Yes, we'll also be doing DS9 comics. They'll be set after the series finale, so we couldn't really get anything in the works until after the finale had aired and we knew who lived, who died, who left the station, etc. There will definitely be some DS9 books in 2000.

Query From: Mike Urvand

Are you planning on working with Pocket Books and Peter David to do a Star Trek: New Frontier series? I think that seeing these characters, in a regular monthly setting, would be the next best thing to seeing them on the screen. Thanks for listening and for bring Trek back to comics!

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

We're in ongoing discussions with both Pocket Books and Peter David, and have every intention of bringing New Frontier stories to comics. Don't count on a regular monthly -- for now, anyway, we're not planning any monthlies. But we'll make sure all the New Frontier fans get to see those characters in the pages of Star Trek comic books.

Query From: Captain Jim

Thank you for your recent press release. Your line of Trek comics looks very exciting and promising. A few questions follow from the material in your release:

1) Do any of these comics have artists assigned to them yet? The writers look great, but it would be nice to hear who's drawing them too.

2) Obvious by their omission are DS9 and TNF. Any plans for the former or any possibility of the latter? I hope that negotiations with Peter David haven't fallen through.

3) Your press release says you will "initially" focus on one-shots and mini-series. Does that mean that this may change down the line, or am I reading too much into this?

4) Is the plan still to release only one title per month?

Thank you.

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

1) The penciler for the first book, Star Trek: Voyager -- False Colors, will be Jeffrey Moy, inked by W.C. Carani. These guys did great work on Legionnaires, and I'm definitely excited by their version of the Voyager crew. Another artist I can mention now is Peter Pachoumis, who'll be penciling Star Trek: The Next Generation -- Perchance to Dream. He's just getting established in the industry -- you can see some of his early work in the current "All-Star 80 Page Giant" from DC. We'll be announcing many more artists in the near future.

2) See above answers about NF and DS9.

3) We're not ruling anything out, but don't have any ongoing in the works at this time.

4) No, some months there will definitely be more than one Star Trek release.

Query From: Andre (C Jones )

If the next Trek film is a flop will that be the end of Trek features because never have 2 films in a row flopped at the box office.

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

That isn't exactly a question, nor is it something I'm in a position to respond to.

Query From: Corey

1. Will there be a New Frontier comic in the foreseeable future? (bet I'm not the only one asking this).
2. Do you plan to or have the rights to do crossovers with any other WildStorm or even DC titles?
3. How many Trek comics per month will be released on average?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

1) See above. No, you're not the only one asking.
2) We have the rights, but that doesn't mean we'll be pursuing that option. There would have to be a really compelling story reason to do such a crossover -- I wouldn't want to do it just as a marketing stunt.
3) Most months there will be one, but sometimes more.

Query From: Bob Manojlovich

For how long does Wildstorm have the licence for Star Trek comics? Will we see New Frontier comics that are based on Peter David's novels?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

We'll be doing Star Trek comics beginning in November 1999, and running through most of 2001. After that, we'll see. And, yes.

Query From: Chris

Are you planning on doing Deep Space Nine comic books and more than one Voyager story?

Also, are any of the people who wrote the Marvel Star Trek comics going to write for WildStorm?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Yes, there'll be DS9 comics, and many Voyager stories. We've just signed a couple of exciting science fiction writers to write some more Voyager scripts -- but I'm not saying who just yet. Have to tease you with something...

And, possibly. We're mostly focusing on people who haven't written or drawn Star Trek comics before, but we're looking at proposals from a number of people, and I've seen some good ones from people who have written Star Trek for Marvel and for DC.

Query From: Baerbel Haddrell

Hello Jeff! I have just discovered this board. Unfortunately I don`t know what questions have already been asked because I can`t find an archive. Therefore please forgive me if this has been asked before:

I am first of all hoping for Star Trek New Frontier comics by Peter David. Did you come to an agreement with him or can you at least tell us if there is a chance for NF comics? Thanks!

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Hi Baerbel! The board is brand new -- you haven't missed anything! And yes, we're still talking with Peter, and there will definitely be New Frontier comics down the road.

Query From: Andrew

Jef - do you know the Sev Trek cartoon strip? You can find it at and I think it's really cool!!!

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip!

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