Jeff Mariotte's Responses

By Jeff Mariotte
Posted at October 17, 1999 - 5:00 AM GMT

Query From: shaun

When will wildstorms website actually have info on when the series are coming out! i heard about the new stuff coming out last year! i love trek comics and and eagerly awaiting em

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

We're working right now on building a special STAR TREK comics section at the WildStorm web site. Check back in a couple of weeks -- should be up by the end of Oct.

Query From: emily

Hi! I just saw your press release at the site! As that is already three months old, I was thinking: do you have the titles and plots of anymore comics for us?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

At this point, I can't even remember which ones were in that release and which weren't. I'm pretty sure that didn't include ST: VOY -- AVALON RISING, which is a kind of fairy tale/Camelot story involving the Doctor on a planet that closely resembles medieval Earth. It's written by science fiction novelist Janine Ellen Young and comic book writer Doselle Young, with art by David Roach. Other announcements will be forthcoming as we get closer to publication.

Query From: Captain Jim

1) the promo artwork for "False Colors" looks nice (I'm thinking of the piece that has Seven in the foreground on the left and Tuvok and Chakotay in the background on the right). Is this the cover or simply a promotional piece? And who are the artists?
2) Now that it's been announced that Lucian Rizzo is the inker for "Perchance to Dream", I wonder if you could tell us anything about him? Has he had other work published?
3) Any news on the Peter David front (either positive or negative)?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

1) That piece (yes, it's very nice) is a promotional piece. It'll appear in FALSE COLORS as a pinup. The art for that whole issue is done, and is equally beautiful. It's all by Jeffrey Moy and W. C. Carani, and colored by WildStorm FX.
2) Lucian Rizzo has worked on a number of books, for WildStorm and other companies. I can't remember a lot of his credits off the top of my head, but I believe he worked on the Heroes Reborn Avengers book over Michael Ryan's pencils. He's been working on WildStorm books for a couple of years.
3) As always, I'm not going to announce anything specific until it is a confirmed deal. Peter and I are in touch.

Query From: Roy Gales

When are we going to see any artwork here? (Soon please)

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

II don't know that you'll see any artwork here, but check the WildStorm web site soon (see above).

Query From: Chris

1) Will any of the TNG comics take place on the Enterprise-E?
2) What will come out next after Purchance to Dream?
3) Will you be able to renew your Trek liscense in 2001 if sales are good?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

1) Yes, we're working on one right now set on the E -- it's called ST:TNG -- THE KILLING SHADOWS, by Scott Ciencin.
2) Near the end of PERCHANCE TO DREAM there'll be another one-shot, this one an original series story called ST: ALL OF ME. It's written by Tony Isabella and Bob Ingersoll, with incredible art by Aaron Lopresti and Randy Emberlin.
3) That's up to the business guys at DC and Paramount, not me.

Query From: Val

the aliens in Perchance to Dream look very cool! Do you know if they were inspired by the Aztechs? They really look like that to me!

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Yes, the aliens in that book are very cool -- and a little complicated to keep straight, since there are three genders and none of us are used to that. But Pete has done a great job with them. I don't know specifically what his influences were on those, although I know he and Keith DeCandido, the writer, talked about them in some detail.

Query From: Emily

Hi again! I've got another question for you! Did you reead the old Star Trek comics? From Marvel? I liked their captain Pike stories a lot. Will you also be doing that?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

I've read some of the Marvel comics, but certainly not all of them. So far I haven't seen any very exciting proposals set in the Pike period -- most of the writers I talk to would rather deal with the crews they know and love from the TV shows, and most of the fans seem to feel the same way. But if a writer had a great idea for a Pike story, then we'd do it.

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Jeff Mariotte is the editor of the Star Trek comics line at WildStorm Productions. You can submit a question to him here.