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By Jeff Mariotte
Posted at December 5, 1999 - 6:00 AM GMT

Query From: Shaun

Will there be a regular series of comics or simply one-shots and mini-series. Since your teamed up with DC Comics, I would love to see the return of a regular series like they used to do of both TNG, and Classic Trek. And will you be teaming up with Peter David to do a New Frontier series of ANY(!) kind?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

At this point all we have planned are miniseries and one-shots. our reasoning for this has been described in detail elsewhere in the Q&A boards. And we are continuing discussions with Peter David, but as usual nothing will be announced until it's a done deal.

Query From: Mattthew

will there be a new star trek series

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

TV series? Your guess is as good as mine. I expect that there will be, but I don't have any inside info.

Query From: Brett Harris

When will wildstorm's Trek site be up. I wouldn't care but news here seems to be slowing to a trickle and I amdying to see some promotional art.

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

We're working on it, but I don't have an ETA yet. Keep checking back.

Query From: Brad

Now that the first new comics are almost here, could you give a rundown of what's scheduled for what months (or weeks)?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Dec. 8 will bring the first issue of the ST:TNG--PERCHANCE TO DREAM miniseries by Keith R. A. DeCandido, Peter Pachoumis, and Lucian Rizzo. Amazing painted covers by Tim Bradstreet. That'll run for four months, Dec.-March. In Feb., there's another Prestige one-shot, ST: ALL OF ME, by Tony Isabella, Bob Ingersoll, Aaron Lopresti, and Randy Emberlin, cover by Lopresti. In April, we'll have a one shot called ST:TNG-- EMBRACE THE WOLF, by Christopher Golden, Tom Sniegoski, David Hoover, and Troy Hubbs, with a cover by Travis Charest.

Query From: Roy Gales

I have a plot idea for a story. Is there any way I could submit it to you?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

We're not accepting unsolicited ideas for the Trek line, per instructions from Paramount and my own desire not to be utterly overwhelmed by Star Trek submissions. Some days it seems like every professional writer in the business is a Star Trek fan -- which means you'll be seeing some very cool stories by big name creators in the months to come.

Query From: John

The last Trek comics that were published under Paramount weren't all that impressive to me, but the one that was very good was the Early Voyages depicting the adventures of the Enterprise with Captain Pike. Do you think it's possible we could see it crop up again? I also recall when DC had the comic that there were alot of new characters created that seemed popular, until Paramount told them that the comic shouldn't be focussing on other people besides the regualar cast. Will you be making up any recurring characters in any of the comics? Finally, I hope your drawings and writers are far superior than what Marvel did back in the early 80's with their Trek comic. Some of their drawings were horrible. good luck, and thanks for keeping Trek in the comics alive.

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Our intention is to focus on the familiar characters from the TV shows, but there may be a few others cropping up as well. It's unlikely that we'll create a lot of recurring characters simply because we don't have an ongoing series, and each project is by a different creative team. But anything can happen...

Query From: John

I forgot one question (sorry about the long post before), will any of the Original Series comics take place between the first and second movies? Supposedly, Kirk commanded the ship on another 5 year mission between those times, I'd think there would be a lot of material to cover in that time.

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

I expect we'll come up with some stories set in that time period.

Query From: Fanboy 7550

I wonder, will you put out more paperback reprints of the earlier TREK comics? I think this would be great for fans at Barnes and Nobles and such!

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Apparently it's possible, given the way our license is structured. But realistically, we'll probably be more interested in getting our own stories out in trade paperback form.

Query From: Geoffrey Henderson

Will Voyager ever return to the Earth in any episode of the 6th season?

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Even if I knew, I couldn't say!

Query From: Chris

What Trek series will Kris & Dean's be set in, and when will it be released?

Also, when will Civil War and Embrace the Wolf be released?

Thanks for answering

Response From: Jeff Mariotte

Kris and Dean are writing a Voyager story, which will be out near the end of 2000. Civil War will also be late in the year, or early 2001. Embrace the Wolf is coming along much sooner, April 2000.

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