Galaxy Quest

By Fred Shedian
Posted at January 13, 2000 - 6:00 AM GMT

"Welcome To The Year 2000!" It was a slogan I remember hearing on a commercial in the later part of last year. It is I haven't written a column in over a decade but it sims like it was only a few weeks ago. time flies when your enjoying the holidays.

During the break, I took some time to see the movie "Galaxy Quest." Seeing previews for it, I was slightly concerned this movie might turn out to be something worse than the Trek attitude presented in the movie "Trekkies." Since I found the later movie somewhat insulting to many fans, I must say I was very surprised by the performance and script in "Galaxy Quest."

Towards the beginning of the movie, I have to say I saw a connection right off. The acting by Tim Allen as a self-righteous actor is something taken right from the pages his history. Although I love William Shatner's work, everyone and their cousin is aware of his attitude towards his fellow actors in the 70's and 80's.

One of the most powerful scenes I found in this movie was one I am not sure many people caught. After the cast of characters are aboard the space port, then ride a lift down towards the ship. Then, during their journey, they see their ship....the N.A.S. Protector. For a moment I sincerely thought I was looking at something out of Star Trek: The Motion Picture or the end of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. This was something I honestly loved.

Throughout the entire movie, I believe most people would agree you could easily see William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Grace Lee Whitney, James Doohan or George Takei on the screen poking fun at their own success. The script was so well written, I must agree with other reviewers who say this movie captured the true meaning of Star Trek better than some things currently in production. What is this true meaning? As I have said for many months, one simple thing...hope.

The connections between this movie and Star Trek are too numerous to count...although I must ask how many people realise the link with the slogan "18 years since the last adventure..." If those at Paramount were smart, they would attempt to locate the people who wrote this movie and attempt to get them involved in the Star Trek franchise. Writing of this scale cannot be ignored...but should be embraced. Although highly unlikely, I would love to see a "Galaxy Quest 2."

On another note, I would like to extend my gratitude to Sophia Constantinides. Over the holiday season, I was privileged enough to be part of an online interview for a project discussing Star Trek's influence on gender and race relations in our modern culture. I was flattered by the request and happy to accept it. I wish Sophia and John the best of luck with their work. Once the project is completed, I am told all reads can look for a posting at TrekToday.

And with this shorter than usual column, I also would like to point out that "Take On Trek" will no longer be published soley on Monday or Tuesday afternoons. Due to an increased schedule in the new year, the column will be posted sometime between Sunday and Saturday. Please watch TrekToday for a notice when a new column has been uploaded.

Until next time....never give up, never surrender, live long and prosper.

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