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Voyager| Act 2, Take 6

By Fred Shedian
Posted at September 7, 1999 - 5:00 AM GMT

Continuing my remarks from last week, I will look into what developments could occur during this sixth season of Voyager that would be the overall benefit of the show.

Looking at the character of the Doctor, I believe quite a bit has been done to expand this possibly dual role into one of the highlights of the show. I believe that the continued development of the character is needed. Perhaps moving away from the mentor role present with Seven of Nine and developing who the Doctor believes he is. Could this attach itself to the proclamation of a name? There are always possibilities.

Nelix is a role that has been present for more comical relief than anything else, at least in my opinion. Development has taken place showing different facets of this character. However, there are still some voids that could be filled. For example, we have never really seen what impact the departure of Kes had on him as a person. We do not know too much about what this character did between the time of his planet's "great war" and the time he was on Voyager. These are issues I believe could really help add some more depth to this developing role.

The development of Toress has really been placed on the back burner as of late. Although her recent pregnancy had a lot to do with this, a catch up game should be played in attempts to bring her up to par with everyone else. Her relationship with Parris has been an interesting one, and we have seen some very good moments between them. However, I believe a lot is still lead unsaid. We do not know much about her time in the Maquis, as well as what issues she has with Tom. In addition, I do not think I can recall a time she really spoke out about why she was involved with him. They are simple things, that if added together, could provide for some interesting story telling.

Ensign Kim has been an interesting character to watch. I must wonder what ever happened to the relationship they had fielded between this "fresh Ensign" and his Captain during seasons three and four. His relationship with Parris has provided for some comical moments. Although many will disagree, the Captain Proton series was a very funny idea. Although a love interest has passed his way, I believe this character needs to show signs of growing up. How has the experience of being in the Delta Quadrant fresh out of the Academy hurt/helped him? When will he ever get promoted? Such items as these would also make some quite a few good episodes.

Finally, I come to the new comer on the block, Seven of Nine. As I mentioned last week, although I believe the character is a good one in itself, Jeri Ryan needs to report to the Cargo Bay for several weeks and regenerate. The spot light is beginning to take away from some of the mystery that was initially present regarding this person/character. I believe if too much of this is removed, the role will simply become boring. In some places, sadly, this is already the case.

In summary, I believe Voyager needs to concentrate on the supporting cast members this season. Let's trade in a few Borg cubes for one or two good character development episodes. Hopefully the rumors about a rear nude scene for Jeri Ryan are false, however if they are, I must raise an eyebrow and pray the writers of Voyager will awaken to the fact the spotlight is now solely on them. There is no other show running and what they do these next few months could quite possibly impact the Star Trek Franchise in a major way.

Although I completely understand many will disagree with my remarks, I sincerely hope people will offer their ideas for what could develop. I sincerely hope there are many fans out there that are not too interested in the space battles, rather seeing this characters grow.

On another note, I apologize in advance for an errors you may see in this week's column. Writing aboard a 707 is not the most enjoyable experience. I hope to see you all next week....until then.

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Fred Shedian writes a weekly 'A Take On Trek' column for the Trek Nation.

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