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June 15 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

Trek Nation Archives

Apr 9 - Foundations
Jackie Bundy says this novel tells an effective story about the origins of the 'Starfleet Corps of Engineers'.

July 22 - Actors vs Fans
Fred takes a closer look at how many actors associated with Star Trek have reacted to the fans which follow the show.

June 30 - Mind Boggling Clarification
Fred Shedian produces a followup to the June 29th edition of A Take On Trek, Mind Boggling Rumors. He addresses several complaints logged against the article and it's attacks of news sources.

June 29 - Mind Boggling Rumors
Fred Shedian reviews some of the recent rumors put forth about Enterprise. He looks at how the desire for the "big story" appears to be hindering site's need to provide quality journalism.

June 2 - History & Future Of UPN
Fred Shedian looks at the United Paramount Network (UPN). He looks at the origins of the network, it's past effects on the Star Trek Franchise, as well as what it might do to Series V.

May 24 - Voyager's Final Enterprise
Fred gives what may indeed be his final review of a Star Trek: Voyager episode ever, commenting on the series finale. In addition, he gives some commentary on potential Enterprise issues.

May 18 - Enterprising Rumors
Fred Shedian takes a look at Internet rumors and how they have grown during the last several years. He also reviews their impact on Enterprise.

May 6 - Around Trek In 80 Seconds
Fred Shedian takes a look at several recent issues facing the world of Star Trek. Looking at issues on the television, computer and even developments in books, this edition of the column provides a rounded "take" on Trek.

Apr 15 - It Takes Two
For seven years, Janeway and Chakotay have danced around each other, never admitting that their relationship could mean something more than friendship. In his latest column, Caillan Davenport looks at J/C and ponders why the producers never invested the time in a real romance for the characters.

Apr 8 - A Story Of Two Men
Fred Shedian returns with a new A Take On Trek bringing a story of two men, with very different beginnings, who eventually came together to make a drastic impact on society.

Mar 15 - Rethinking the Reset Button
Voyager has regularly chosen to tell its stories in the "stand-alone" format, rather than using long-running story arcs. But is it really a case of winding back the clock every time?

Mar 4 - But If It's True...
Fred Shedian takes some time to talk about Series V's rumored casting call sheet, recent developments aboard the USS Voyager and Andromeda's continued progress.

Feb 26 - The Road Not Taken
Star Trek: Voyager has almost reached the end of its run. However, the series could have turned out very differently if Captain Nicole Janeway had stayed, if the Maquis were more of a threat and if Seven of Nine had never come on board. Caillan Davenport looks at the turning points over the years, and the possibility of what might have been.

Feb 6 - 'A Candle at the Window'
Caillan Davenport offers his views on Kes, her departure in 'The Gift', the problems with 'Fury' and how we remember her.

Jan 21 - A Shattering Review At Neptune's Ocean
Fred Shedian takes a brief look at the latest Voyager episode "Shattered", also looking at many columnist reactions to this adventure. Fred also takes a look at the recent Andromeda adventure "All Great Neptune's Ocean", giving remarks and feelings about the episode.

Jan 14 - Beyond the Subroutines
In this new article, regular writer Caillan Davenport looks at how holograms on Star Trek are more and more moving beyond their subroutines, and making mistakes and emotional decisions like men of flesh and blood.

Dec 29 - Beating around the Beltran
In this new article, Caillan Davenport looks at the string of comments made by Robert Beltran about 'Star Trek: Voyager', as well as the reaction in the media to his comments.

Dec 26 - What Would Have Happened?
At the end of this century, Fred takes a moment to look back at the original pilot for Star Trek. He looks to see if the franchise would have been better off with this first copy of Star Trek vs the version produced two years later.

Dec 9 - The Image Of Andromeda
Looking at the first half of the first season, Fred Shedian makes several remarks regarding the show's special effects. He discusses the ship's appearance and issues several questions about why the appearance seems to be a bit flawed.

Dec 9 - A Briefing With Caillan: Perceptions, Part Two
In this new article, Caillan Davenport follows up on his second 'A Briefing With Caillan' column, this time again looking at how Voyager is perceived by the online fans.

Nov 23 - Who Are You & Where Are Our Writers?
After "Inside Man," "Body And Soul" and "Nightingale" Fred Shedian begs a question about the Voyager writers. He gives remarks on these recent adventures, as well as observances in a continuing trend.

Nov 9 - A Briefing With Caillan
New Trek Nation Columnist Caillan Davenport looks at Voyager's Critics in the first segment of his two-part article on attitudes, perceptions and views of Voyager online.

Nov 8 - Andromeda - Five & Counting
Fred Shedian turns his attention to Andromeda. He takes a look at the two newest episodes, "D Minus Zero" and "Double Helix". Fred also gives some commentary on the season as a whole and potential room for development.

Nov 4 - Season 7's Repressing Care
This week, Fred Shedian takes a look at the two Voyager adventures 'Repression' and 'Critical Care.' He gives is commentary on both, as well as giving a summary of some trends he is beginning to see with Voyager: Season 7.

Oct 24 - A Briefing with Caillan
New columnist Callian Davenport takes a look at the Voyager character we all love to hate and discovers that maybe he's not so bad after all.

Oct 15 - A Place Amongst The Stars : New Trek and the Sci-Fi Canon
The original Star Trek series is generally hailed as one of the most influential and original series in the history of science fiction on television. However, while important for the Trek universe itself, somehow the newer Star Trek series did not seem to win as important a place in sci-fi canon. In this new article, Caillan Davenport wonders how Series V can again give Star Trek a unique place among other science fiction series.

Oct 15 - Imperfection's Affirmation
This week, Fred Shedian takes a look at the second episodes featured in Season 7 of Star Trek: Voyager and Season 1 of Andromeda.

Oct 8 - Modern Roddenberry vs New
Fred Shedian reviews recent episodes of the modern version of Gene Roddenberry's universe, as well as new episodes of his new one.

Sep 20 - The Enemy - Part 4
In part four of his series The Enemy, Fred Shedian looks at several alien races which have survived the test of time in keeping themselves "real threats" to the Federation.

Sep 5 - The Enemy - Part 3
Continuing with the next installment of the series, Fred Shedian examins how the starship Voyager has treated the villians it has encountered over the years.

Aug 11 - The Enemy - Part 2
In the second edition of the series, Fred Shedian takes Take On Trek to the universe of Deep Space Nine...reviewing it's treatment of the enemy over it's seven year run.

July 29 - The Enemy - Part 1
Fred Shedian launches a series of editions of A Take On Trek dealing with how Star Trek writers and fans have dealt with the show's villians over the years.

July 13 - Fan Reaction
In this special edition of his A Take On Trek, Fred Shedian responds to reader feedback mails.

June 18 - The Voyager Conspiracy
Though every incarnation of Star Trek has always been closely scrutinised by Star Trek fans, it sometimes appears that 'Voyager' receives a lot more criticism than the other shows. In this article, Caillan Davenport reacts against this, speaking for the many fans that do strongly care for 'Voyager'.

June 17 - Seasonal Development
At the idea of a reader, Fred Shedian looks at how the first several years of Star Trek incarnations appear to suffer a from a lack of direction. He offers remarks on this issue from several perspectives.

June 6 - Tech Trek - Part II
This week, A Take On Trek returns to an issue brought up in 1999...Tech Trek. Fred looks at how Star Trek has portrayed technology since it's original showing in 1967, giving a bit more detail to the issue. Fred Shedian also looks at how since that time, science-fiction continues to become science-fact.

This week, Fred Shedian looks at the history of He examines problems which started from the beginning with the site, and gives modern day issues which still prevent the site from becoming a dominant Internet presence.

May 14 - Our Beloved Franchise
This week, Fred Shedian shares his opinions in regards to the theory that a "Trek death" will solve all of the problems the show currently faces. Fred instead offers another opinion.

May 9 - Furious Disappointment
This week, Fred Shedian looks closely at the Voyager episode 'Fury.' Here he talks about how rushed this mission appeared to be, causing several major errors in regard to continuity. He also offers suggestions on what could have improved this adventure.

Apr 29 - Review In Style
This week, Fred Shedian takes time to ponder if changing the style writers have been using would have a positive impact on the Star Trek Franchise. In addition, Fred gives his opinions of the last two Voyager episodes.

Apr 24 - Feelings Of Reaction
This week, Fred Shedian takes time to review how many fans (most younger) have responded to the EXCELSIOR Campaign. He also clarifies his views on the issue in the final column on the topic.

Apr 15 - Live Fast & Proper?
This week, Fred Shedian reviews if the upcoming episode "Live Fast & Prosper" marks a renewed writing quality, absent in many cases since the beginning of Season 6. In addition, Fred looks at how the promos for this episode do not seem to spoil it...but entice viewers.

Apr 7 - Reaching Out?
The biggest recent Trek news is without a doubt the report that a Series V concept has finally been approved. Fred Shedian wonders if the 'Birth of the Federation' premise will cause the TOS and TNG fans to return to Star Trek.

Mar 30 - We The Trekkers
Two of the most prominent campaign groups in fandom at the moment are the Excelsior Campaign and Bring Back Kirk. In his new column, Fred looks at these campaigns, and wonders if they'll be successful.

Mar 12 - Returning Comments
After an absence of nearly a month, Fred Shedian has returned with another installment of his 'A Take On Trek' column. This week, he examines Voyager's progress during the last month.

Feb 14 - Asking & Observing
In his new Take On Trek, Fred Shedian notices he's actually begun to care for Voyager this season.

Jan 29 - Virtu-Picardo
Just like Trek Nation reviewer Ed Hines, Fred Shedian wasn't that impressed with Voyager's 'Virtuoso'.

Jan 22 - One Of Three For Five
Recently, it was reported that Paramount organised a focus group session for several Series V proposals. Now, Fred Shedian analyses the three proposals introduced at that session.

Jan 13 - Galaxy Quest
During the holiday season, DreamWorks released the new Tim Allen comedy 'Galaxy Quest' to theaters. In his new Take On Trek, Fred Shedian reviews the Star Trek parody.

Dec 17 - Voyager In Review
Returning after a month-long hiatus, Fred Shedian looks back at the first half of Voyager's sixth season, praising the series' apparent revitalisation.

Nov 16 - Historical Trek
Over the past few weeks, TrekToday has been running polls asking people how many episodes of the various Trek series they have seen. In his new column, Fred Shedian talks about the surprisingly low number of people who have seen all of the TOS or TNG episodes.

Nov 9 - End Of Peace Trek?
Over the past thirty years, Star Trek has always been about solving matters peacefully. However, the last year of Trek has provided for some of the most violent content we have ever seen from Star Trek. In his new column, Fred Shedian looks at this development

Nov 2 - An Original Return?
In his new column, Fred Shedian wonders if the return of one or more Original Series cast members would help bridge the gap between fans of the various Trek series.

Oct 25 - Legacy Of Hope
Yesterday eight years ago was the day that Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek's creator, passed away. In his new Take On Trek, Fred Shedian looks back at the legacy Roddenberry left behind.

Oct 12 - Human Trek
Following his column last week about aliens on Trek, Fred Shedian now tells us why there will probably never be a Star Trek series not focusing on humankind.

Oct 4 - Anatomy Of An Alien
Most 'aliens of the week' are never thought about anymore after the episode that used them. However, some species, such as the Andorians or the Gorn, managed to stay in the fans' consciousness. In his new column, Fred examines why this is the case.

Sep 27 - The Equinox Begins
Deviating from his usual column format, Fred Shedian has written a new Take On Trek, this time taking on 'Equinox', the Voyager season premiere.

Sep 20 - Culture Of Star Trek
Star Trek is an established part of pop culture. But how much of an impact has it really made on our society?

Sep 7 - Voyager| Act 2, Take 6
In his new A Take On Trek column, Fred Shedian continues his look at how Voyager's characters could develop in season six.

Aug 31 - Voyager| Act 1, Take 6
With Voyager's sixth season only a few weeks away, Fred Shedian looks at how Voyager's characters could be developed this year.

Aug 23 - Tech Trek
Over the past thirty years, Star Trek has done a great job predicting real-life technology, and now 'Treknology' even seems to be overtaken by reality in some field. In his new column, Fred Shedian examines this interesting development.

Aug 16 - Wholesome Trek
When TNG ended, the Federation was seen as a pretty decent place to live. Now, after DS9's run, Starfleet and the Federation have been portrayed as a flawed and corrupt organisation. In his new 'A Take On Trek' column, Fred Shedian wonders if this is a development we should be happy with.

Aug 9 - Debugging Rumors
Fred Shedian deals with the phenomenon of internet rumours, as spread by sites such as TrekWeb, Ain't It Cool News and, of course, TrekToday.

Aug 2 - The Literary Frontier
In this week's edition of his weekly 'A Take On Trek' column, Fred Shedian looks at the part of the franchise now turning out the most Trek stories per year - the original novels from Pocket Books.

July 26 - Taking Advantage
In this new installment of his 'A Take On Trek' column, Fred Shedian wonders if Star Trek fans should be more thankful for it.

July 19 - Back To Basics
In his second 'A Take On Trek' column, Fred Shedian looks at some of the options for Star Trek Series V, including the rumoured Flight Academy premise.

July 8 - Response To Voyager
In his first column for the Trek Nation, Fred Shedian reacts to the recent flood of negative commentary by online Star Trek fans.

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