News Headlines for September 1999

Sep 29 - Review: Survival Instinct
The Borg return, but Ed Hines isn't that impressed.

Sep 27 - A Take On Trek: The Equinox Begins
Fred Shedian reviews how Voyager's sixth season has started, with comments about the series premiere.

Sep 22 - Review: Equinox, Part Two
Ed Hines analyses the first Voyager episode of the season!

Sep 20 - A Take On Trek: Culture Of Star Trek
How much of an impact as Trek had on our society? This week, Fred Shedian attempts to answer this question.

Sep 7 - A Take On Trek: Voyager| Act 2, Take 6
In the second part of the series, Fred looks at how the characters of Voyager could develop during Season 6.

Sep 6 - Article: George Takei Book Signing
Jeff Koga reports about a recent book signing by George Takei.

Sep 5 - Article: The Resurrection Of Kirk?
Michael Hinman wonders if this would be a good thing.