News Headlines for October 1999

Oct 29 - Comics: Jeff Mariotte's Responses
The Trek comics editor talks about DS9 & New Frontier

Oct 25 - A Take On Trek: Legacy Of Hope
After a week hiatus, Fred Shedian reviews the legacy of hope Gene Roddenberry left via Star Trek.

Oct 25 - Article: The Mark of Gideon
Joe Beaudoin asks if Earth is touched by a 'Mark of Gideon'?

Oct 24 - Article: The Great Bird of the Galaxy Remembered
Michael Hinman pays tribute to the man who started it all.

Oct 23 - Review: The Greeks
Karen Comer reviews 'The Greeks', Marc Alaimos's new play.

Oct 20 - Review: Alice
Ed Hines didn't like 'Alice' nearly as much as Tom Paris did...

Oct 17 - Comics: Jeff Mariotte's Responses
The Q&A facility with the Trek comics editor finally returns!

Oct 13 - Review: Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy
The Doctor's daydream helps thwart an alien attack.

Oct 12 - A Take On Trek: Human Trek
This week, Fred reviews why there will probably never be an alien centered Trek show.

Oct 6 - Review: Barge of the Dead
Torres chooses life after a near-death experience.

Oct 4 - A Take On Trek: Anatomy Of An Alien
Why do we remember certain aliens and not others? This week, Fred takes a look at this question.