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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for March 2007

Mar 30 - Wil Wheaton To Write Star Trek Manga
Wesley Crusher actor to pen a story for the second issue of TokyoPop's Japanese-style Trek comic. 'Pretty cool, huh?'

Mar 26 - See Shatner Talk Past and Present on ShatnerVision!
Kirk actor reflects on his 76th birthday, the renewal of 'Boston Legal' and roles from long ago in new video clips.

Mar 26 - Mulgrew Earns Strong Reviews as 'Our Leading Lady'
Though play's tone comes in for criticism, theatrical writers appreciate Janeway actress in Civil War-era play.

Mar 23 - Site Columns
Fannish chat, rewatching 'Nemesis' with the BBS, Braga's career two years ago, new poll, two birthdays.

Mar 23 - : Lonely Among Us
While traveling to a peace conference, an unknown entity alters the personalities of Picard, Crusher, and Worf.

Mar 22 - De Lancie Praises Star Trek's Blend of Fact and Fiction
Giving the keynote address at an IT conference, Q actor talks about fantastic innovations he'd like to see in the real world.

Mar 22 - 'Boston Legal' Picked Up For Another Season
Shatner and Auberjonois will practice law in Boston for another year. Plus: Shatner to co-star with younger self.

Mar 21 - Justman Would Be Thrilled To Be Consulted By Abrams
Former producer believes that even if purists are offended, the new Star Trek movie should surprise them.

Mar 21 - Fuller's Obsession With Death Leads to 'Pushing Daisies'
Former 'Voyager' scribe will executive produce ABC pilot about a pie maker who brings the dead to life.

Mar 20 - Bakula To Star in Richard Rodgers' 'No Strings' at UCLA
Archer actor, a onetime Tony nominee, will play a role that earned a Tony nod for its original Broadway performer.

Mar 20 - Mulgrew's Playwright Thought of Playing Her Role Himself
'Our Leading Lady' writer Busch, famous for acting in drag, says Janeway actress is perfect for the role but he'd like to wear her gown.

Mar 19 - Justman Remembers Original Series Development
Producer discusses Roddenberry-Coon alliance and his approval of the remastered Star Trek episodes.

Mar 19 - Latest Star Trek Movie Rumours Claim Casting In Progress
Sinise, Brody said to be close to signing. Also could Spock have a love interest?

Mar 18 - Mulgrew Is 'Our Leading Lady'
Janeway actress is set to open in New York on Tuesday in Lincoln-era play, appears on NBC's 'Black Donnellys' and in Alzheimer's campaign.

Mar 16 - Site Columns
Fantasy figures, talk on the TrekBBS, Star Trek changes three years ago, new poll, numerous birthdays.

Mar 16 - : Where No One Has Gone Before
A mysterious Traveler sends the Enterprise to a region of space where thoughts shape reality.

Mar 15 - Gerrold Rewrites 'Next Generation' Script for 'New Voyages'
Gay-themed episode rejected by the television series producers will be available on the internet revamped as an original series story.

Mar 15 - Finnish Politician Campaigns In Klingon
Green MP seeks re-election with a web page in 'Star Trek' fictional language, cites the show as an inspiration.

Mar 15 - Park's 'Raines' Premieres on NBC Tonight
'Enterprise' actress plays an LAPD cop working with a policeman who sees ghosts.

Mar 13 - Jendresen Thinks Regime Change Doomed His Script
Onetime 'Trek XI' scribe does not believe a reboot is simpler than working in older canon, looks forward to Abrams' film.

Mar 13 - Klingons in Comics To Reflect Original Series History
'I donít want to end up on the end of a Painstick in San Diego,' says writer Tipton, promising accurate language.

Mar 12 - Bakula To Co-Chair Charity Benefit
Our Time's 'Express Yourself' will celebrate performances by young actors who stutter.

Mar 12 - 'Thank God You're Here' Welcomes Takei
New NBC series is second on which Sulu actor will appear this season; Takei also mocks Hardaway, attends Oscars.

Mar 9 - : The Last Outpost
Federation and Ferengi crewmembers must impress an alien Portal before they are allowed to return to their journeys through space.

Mar 9 - Kurtzman & Orci Talk 'Star Trek'
Upcoming film will bear no subtitle or numeral, be set mainly on a starship, focus on 'human soul'.

Mar 9 - 'Trek XI' Rumours: No Academy Setting, No McAvoy
Abrams expects a thrilling film, but insiders suggest story will be first adventure, not Starfleet Academy plot.

Mar 2 - Site Columns
Hello World, 'Trek XI' greenlit on the BBS, 'Enterprise' cancellation two years ago, new poll, birthdays.

Mar 2 - : Code of Honor
Kidnapped by an alien who wants her to become one of his wives, Tasha Yar fights for her life.

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