News Headlines for January 2000

Jan 29 - A Take On Trek: Virtu-Picardo
This week, Fred takes a look at the Voyager Episode: 'Virtuoso'

Jan 27 - Article: Slanted Fedora Convention Report
Jennifer Whildin reports about the recent Trek con in New York.

Jan 26 - Review: Virtuoso
Could this be the worst episode of the season?

Jan 22 - A Take On Trek: One Of Three For Five
After reports of a Paramount focus group, Fred Shedian takes a look at all three Series V ideas.

Jan 19 - Review: Blink Of An Eye
Ed Hines sees 'Blink' as a true Trek episode.

Jan 13 - A Take On Trek: Galaxy Quest
Upon return from the holiday season, Fred takes a look at the comedy 'Galaxy Quest.'

Jan 12 - Review: Fair Haven
Janeway falls in love, but does Ed Hines like the episode just as much?