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June 25 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for February 2007

Feb 27 - Paramount Officially Announces Trek XI For Christmas 2008
J.J. Abrams 'dying to see the brilliance and optimism of Roddenberry's world brought back to the big screen,' says film will respect Trek canon.

Feb 27 - Big-Name Casting Rumours Resurface for 'Trek XI'
Damon, Brody, Sinise said to be in line to play three leads; McAvoy, Kim also mentioned for cast.

Feb 26 - Nogulich Nostalgic For Nechayev
Long-time TNG and DS9 guest star enjoyed her character's evolution, still appreciates interacting with fans.

Feb 26 - Mulgrew's 'Black Donnellys' Receives Uneven Reviews
Despite some praise for Janeway actress, many critics loathe new NBC crime drama.

Feb 25 - Berman Still Pondering Failure of 'Nemesis'
Studio recommended Baird for last Trek feature film, says exec, who had wanted Nimoy for 'Generations.'

Feb 24 - Abrams Confirmed To Direct 'Star Trek XI'
'Hollywood Reporter' claims deal has been finalized, movie will indeed be a prequel focused on Kirk and Spock's Academy days.

Feb 23 - : The Naked Now
The crew is afflicted with a touch-transmitted virus which lowers inhibitions.

Feb 22 - 'Beyond the Final Frontier' Doesn't Reach New Vistas
Critics protest that the History Channel special recycles too many cliches and portrays Trek fans as acquisitive and obsessive.

Feb 21 - Saturn Awards Nominate Animated Series, Trek Alumni
Several writers and actors receive nods along with the complete animated Star Trek DVD set.

Feb 20 - Mulgrew's 'Black Donnellys' To Premiere Next Week
NBC features Janeway actress in new trailer; pilot episode is now online along with information and interviews.

Feb 20 - McAvoy Would Like Less Stereotypical Scotty
Though a Star Trek fan of long standing and mum on possible negotiations, the actor hopes there will be more than ethnicity to the character in upcoming film.

Feb 16 - : Encounter at Farpoint
The crew of the new Enterprise is forced to stand trial for the crimes of humanity by the mysterious Q.

Feb 15 - Stewart Calls His Trek Years A 'Calamity'
Picard actor believes he had just made a breakthrough as a stage performer when 'The Next Generation' diverted him.

Feb 15 - Abrams Enters 'Dark Tower', May Not Helm 'Trek XI'
Two different reports claim that producer will develop and possibly direct adaptation of Stephen King series.

Feb 13 - Bakula: Still the Captain, Though Interested in Politics
'Enterprise' actor thinks he would have been a good trial lawyer, keeps up with his former Trek associates.

Feb 13 - Arnold Expects Big 'Trek XI' Budget, No Abrams At Helm
Frequent convention speaker has heard that Paramount is in discussions with a famous actor to take on the lead role, but not any of the currently rumoured stars.

Feb 11 - Nimoy Discusses Directing Career
Spock actor had no particular desire to move from screen acting to directing, but took opportunities as they arose.

Feb 11 - IDW Editors Talk Star Trek Comics
Focus will be on TV and movie canon; Peter David may contribute; Ryall does not want to cover only ground from previous comics.

Feb 11 - 'Khan' on 'Family Guy' and Taco Bell Commercial
Star Trek parodied on animated feature; Montalban appears in Super Bowl commercial.

Feb 9 - : Turnabout Intruder
A jilted lover of Kirk's who has always wanted to command a starship forces him via an alien machine to switch bodies with her.

Feb 8 - Original Series Gets New 'Doomsday Machine'
Remastered episode will feature digitally scarred Constellation, new shuttle launch sequence.

Feb 7 - Abrams May Decide This Week Whether To Direct 'Trek XI'
Conflicting rumours suggest that he may leave to helm another film or work on several movies simultaneously; Grunberg says Abrams is happy with script.

Feb 7 - McAvoy Talks Trek, Knows His Klingons
Scottish actor remains coy on the subject of whether he has been approached about playing Scotty.

Feb 6 - Tige Andrews Dies; Bergere's Daughter Recalls Star Trek
Two original series actors who passed away within days of each other were both World War II veterans as well as Brooklyn-raised Broadway performers.

Feb 6 - Bakula Talks Arson In 'Blue Smoke'
'Enterprise' star appears Monday night in Lifetime movie, promises sexy storyline.

Feb 4 - 'Holodeck' For Speech Therapy Moves Forward
Patients are able to practice interacting in everyday situations in virtual environment based on Star Trek technology.

Feb 4 - Lincoln Actor Lee Bergere Dies At 88
World War II veteran appeared in hundreds of television roles, took 'Man of La Mancha' to heart.

Feb 2 - : All Our Yesterdays
Kirk, Spock and McCoy are caught in the past of a planet whose sun is about to go nova.

Feb 1 - Take Remastered 'Journey To Babel' This Weekend
Classic episode with Spock's parents now has new shuttle and Orion ship sequences.

Feb 1 - Meaney Receives Theatrical Honours
Miles O'Brien actor has been nominated for an Olivier Award and will be given the Spirit of Ireland award.

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