News Headlines for December 1999

Dec 30 - Article: Star Trek: To Be or Not To Be
Would the franchise be better off without the Trek name?

Dec 17 - A Take On Trek: Voyager In Review
After a month break, Fred Shedian writes his final column for 1999...reviewing the 6th season of Voyager thus far.

Dec 15 - Article: The Voyage(r) That Could Have Been
E. L. Zimmerman looks at some alternative roads Voyager could have chosen.

Dec 8 - Comics: 'Perchance To Dream' Review
Jim Zimmerman reviews the first regular Trek comic, the Next Generation's 'Perchance To Dream'.

Dec 7 - Article: The Star Trek Conspiracy
Michael Hinman looks at the conflict between classic and modern Trek.

Dec 5 - Comics: Jeff Mariotte's Responses
New answers about the publication schedule, Original Series comics and more!

Dec 2 - Review: Ultimate Drek
Jeff Godemann reviews the 'Ultimate Trek special.

Dec 1 - Review: Pathfinder
Voyager goes into reruns with a great episode!