News Headlines for August 1999

Aug 31 - A Take On Trek: Voyager| Act 1, Take 6
As we move closer to the Voyager season, Fred looks at how the characters could be developed.

Aug 30 - Comics: Peter Pachoumis Interview
Jim Zimmerman talks to the pencil artist of the first TNG comics mini-series.

Aug 30 - Article: Trek Romances
Karen Comer tells us why they never work.

Aug 23 - A Take On Trek: Tech Trek
Fred Shedian takes a moment to review how much of the 23rd Century is present in the 20th.

Aug 16 - A Take On Trek: Wholesome Trek
In this week's column, Fred asks if Star Trek has turned to the dark side.

Aug 11 - : Big Boss Mails
Wrestlers on Voyager, more Seven in season six, Avery Brooks punching people and other disasters.

Aug 10 - Article: The Franchise's Future
Jamahl Epsicokhan thinks Trek's future definitely exists.

Aug 9 - A Take On Trek: Debugging Rumors
Fred Shedian asks fans to remember what rumors truly are and to read them accordingly.

Aug 5 - : The Paramount Files
Paramount removing fan videos, fans thinking we're Paramount, fans attacking Paramount.

Aug 3 - Article: The Franchise's Future
David E. Sluss believes Star Trek is in serious trouble.

Aug 2 - A Take On Trek: The Literary Frontier
As we enter the month of August, Fred asks fans to investigate the literary frontier of Trek.

Aug 1 - Comics: Jeff Mariotte's Responses
Answers from the Trek comics editor about novel adaptations, DS9, and more!