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June 21 2024


An archive of Star Trek News

News Headlines for April 2007

Apr 30 - Doohan's Ashes Are Launched Into Orbit
First successful Spaceport America flight inaugurates a new era of commercial space tourism.

Apr 30 - Tischman, Taylor Talk Trek Comics
Writer and editor are hoping to redeem Wesley Crusher in fans' eyes and looking forward to developing Worf.

Apr 27 - Site Columns
Boston Legal love, Sleazy TV on the BBS, Trek two years ago, new poll, Mulgrew birthday.

Apr 27 - Retro Review: The Battle
A Ferengi captain uses a mind-altering device to force Picard to relive combat from years earlier on a now-abandoned starship.

Apr 26 - Shatner Is Everywhere, Shatner Is Everything: The Sequel
Captain Kirk actor hosts charity horse events, is celebrated at museums, will appear on new ABC reality series and more.

Apr 26 - Doohan's Ashes Finally To Be Lauched This Weekend
Scotty actor and Mercury astronaut are among those whose remains will be sent into space from commercial spaceport.

Apr 25 - The Original Series Returns In Comics
Klingons, in their own language, and a continuation into Year Four arrive from IDW.

Apr 24 - Brooks On Star Trek, Rutgers, 'Roots' & Robeson
Sisko actor says visiting conventions helps him connect to Star Trek fans, but he has never lost touch with his own roots.

Apr 23 - 'Next Generation' Episode Causes Controversy in Ireland
'The High Ground' suggested that Ireland would be reunited following a terrorist attack and has never been aired by the BBC, but will be shown at an arts festival.

Apr 23 - Stewart Celebrates Shakespeare's Birthday With Busy Week
Recently Honoured with Jules Verne Award, the Picard actor begins teaching at Oxford and appears at RSC's opening events.

Apr 22 - Star Trek Tourism Boosts Riverside, Linlithgow
Towns claiming to be the birthplaces of Kirk and Scotty hope to promote themselves and their Trek connections.

Apr 22 - Roddenberry To Be Inducted Into Science Fiction Hall of Fame
Star Trek creator joins several writers with Star Trek connections in a ceremony to be held in June.

Apr 22 - Berman Is Writing Tell-All Book About Trek
Already in progress, memoirs will describe 'wonderful and bizarre' moments, 'warts and all'.

Apr 20 - Site Columns
Home from abroad, not blaming gamers for VA Tech, Trek two years ago, theatre poll, Takei turns 70.

Apr 20 - : Justice
Wesley Crusher is sentenced to death for accidentally violating alien law.

Apr 19 - Star Trek Actors Celebrate Grand Slam
Series stars recall on-set antics, friendships, discuss their new projects and staying in touch with co-stars.

Apr 19 - New Study Investigates 'Deflector Shield' Technology
Scientists in the US and UK hope that plasma will provide a viable shield to protect future astronauts from radiation.

Apr 18 - Meaney's 'Moon for the Misbegotten' Arrives in New York
Though happy to be back onstage, the actor has only nice things to say about Star Trek and Rick Berman.

Apr 18 - Abrams Confirms Kirk in 'Star Trek XI'
Original series icon will appear in upcoming relaunch, but longtime designer Zimmerman has been replaced.

Apr 17 - Trinneer Jumps Science Fiction Franchises
Now a recurring character on 'Stargate Atlantis', he remains very proud of 'Enterprise' and his work on the series.

Apr 17 - Abrams Sends Message to Fans at Grand Slam
Producer thanks supporters, expresses commitment to Roddenberry's original aspirations for Star Trek.

Apr 14 - Battle-Damaged Ship Models To Be Released
New Force Comics offers 'Wrath of Khan' and 'Nemesis'-era Enterprises featuring voices of their captains.

Apr 14 - NBC Cancels 'The Black Donnellys'
Mulgrew's recurring role can now be seen on NBC's web site; new reality series will follow 'Heroes' in April.

Apr 11 - Takei Praises Diversity Of Original Series
While visiting the Kennedy Space Center, Hikaru Sulu actor says Trek had visual diversity, but also points at importance of sexual diversity.

Apr 5 - Ron B. Moore Not On Trek XI, But Loves 'New Voyages'
Former TNG, 'Voyager' and 'Enterprise' visual effects artist discusses past Trek career, current projects.

Apr 3 - How To Make Money, Shatner-Style
'Don't invest in anything that eats while you sleep.' Plus: Kirk actor says Leonard Nimoy is the only Trek star he still stays in touch with.

Apr 3 - Doohan's Ashes Loaded Into Rocket
After many delays, remains of Montgomery Scott actor will finally be launched into space on the 28st of April.

Apr 2 - Cawley Promises Original Series Look For 'New Voyages'
Fan film creator says future 'New Voyages' instalments will feel 'like the 4th season had [the original Star Trek] continued.'

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