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May 29, 2002 - 3:21 PM

Hello World!

I suspect Channel 9 (aka Haters Of All Good Television) may be cutting The West Wing. The last few episodes have only run between 45-50 minutes, including commericals. They could just be chopping out little scenes like UPN did with Voyager in the fifth season, but still, it's annoying - if you have to wait until 10:30pm to see a TV show, you'd hope to see the whole thing.

However, Channel 9 has been doing something good recently - Frasier reruns are still on nightly at 7:00pm. They pulled their game show in that timeslot a while ago, and Frasier is actually holding up remarkably well - previously it didn't get very good ratings, but now it's actually beating Big Brother 2. Hopefully we'll see season nine before Christmas at this rate.

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