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December 29, 2001 - 1:02 AM

Hello World!

As I write there is a six year old small child playing with my slipper. The slipper is in the shape of a chicken's foot (think 'Chicken Run' from last year, at least that was the idea, I think) which has the small child rather amused.

This is, thank goodness, the last Christmas Get Together. I think. I hope. Because I don't know if I can stand many more small sticky handprints on my newly decorated walls. I feel so sorry for the dog. It's a spaniel with very long ears. And we all know that small children can't help but give said long ears a sharp tug. I hope she has some ear left by the end of tonight. Now, I must run before I'm missed and my mother dresses me down and manages to make me feel about six years old again.

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