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November 28, 2002 - 12:13 PM

Hello World!

After going into uni to collect some materials for next semester on Monday, keen bean that I am, I embarked on a reconnaissance mission to find Christmas presents for friends and family.

My first (and I must admit only) stop was the new Dymocks bookshop that recently opened in Brisbane. While it lacked the charm of some English bookshops, it did have more than one floor and a much better selection than a QBD or Angus & Robertson. I spotted 'The October Horse,' the last book in Colleen McCullough's 'Masters of Rome' series, a book I've been waiting to come out for what seems like years. It also happened to be $40 dollars, although it was reduced from $50. (I tried to find it at the library today, only to discover that with the current amount of holds, the likelihood of me getting it from there before 2004 is rather slim).

As I floated across to the Classics section, the in-store music system started to play 'O Come All Ye Faithful' in Latin (ahh, heaven). I was gratified to find that 'The Odyssey' had been blessed with one of those 'Our staff recommends...' tags, and stepped closer to look at the comment. "If you liked Xena or Hercules, you'll love The Odyssey." My reaction was as if Niles Crane had discovered Le Cigare Volant had started to serve hamburgers, and I swiftly moved out of that section before I came across any other "recommendations."

Incidentally, I did leave with one book, but it was for myself - the Penguin translation of Ammianus Marcellinus. Christmas gifts purchased: 0.

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