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December 24, 2001 - 10:45 PM

Hello World!

That's it. I have been Christmas shopping for the last time in 2001. The town centre was packed. I went out specifically to get some nice chocolates to have with our coffee after Christmas dinner tomorrow, and the shelves were bare. Has the place been struck by Christmas shoppers or looters?

I managed to survive yesterday's meal by distracting my small cousins. I made them jumping frogs out of the paper menus, which they proceeded to flick around the table and at the barmen. Until one had a close call with my grandmother's liebfraumilch and she dictated that they had better sit quietly and colour them in with crayons instead. Grownups are no fun.

Now I'm off to sit down for a Christmas Eve dinner consisting of steak and chips. Delicious.

A very happy Christmas to everyone.

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