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September 24, 2002 - 12:30 AM

Hello World!

I feel like I've spent the entire day sitting in a traffic jam.

9 o'clock this morning found me crawling along a dual carriageway at the magnificant speed of ten miles an hour with frequent stops. It took half an hour to get through three junctions.

This afternoon, I tried a different way home. To be confronted with two sets of roadworks.

There was a man at one of the roundabouts, holding a large sign which he rotated to display either STOP or GO to the traffic in front. As I waited for my turn to go, I timed how long it took for him to wave the GO in front of my section of traffic. It took seven minutes the first time, and six the next.

And to think this is going to get worse when the Christmas rush starts. Is it roadwork season or something?

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