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November 18, 2002 - 3:19 PM

Hello World!

I've recently been watching the BBC series Vets' School, which is being broadcast nightly in Australia on the ABC. It's about 6 years old now, and despite my general aversion to medical shows of all kinds, it's compulsive viewing.

The series follows several vet students through their final of study (one of them, Trude Mostue, became quite a celebrity after the series, I gather), and it's definitely a quality entry into the "reality TV" pantheon.

I watch it mainly for for the human element, since I'm naturally very squeamish, and the other day the students sat their final exams. It was so nerve-wracking to watch them approach the notice board to find out their results (on the same day as they did their final oral exam, no less) - and it was devestating to watch Trude find out she failed. Fortunately, in tonight's episode she passed her re-sits - I can't imagine the pain she would have felt if she'd failed again after so many years of study.

It would be nice if the BBC would consider doing a TV special looking at the vets four years from now to see how their lives have changed over the past decade.

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