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December 17, 2001 - 3:50 PM

Hello World!

One of the other advantages of having little to do is being able to catch up on my reading. During the semester I have little to no time for recreational reading, so a visit to the library was in order.

So far, I've read 'House Corrino,' the third book in the 'Prelude to Dune' series - fairly average, by the numbers stuff - hardly a patch on the wonder of the original. This weekend I started Paul Scott's 'Raj Quartet,' a saga of India from 1942-1947. Having thoroughly enjoyed Vikram Seth's 'A Suitable Boy' a few years ago, I thought it was time to read another book set in India.

On the 'to read' list is Anthony Birley's biography of the emperor Hadrian. I also picked up 'An Intelligent Person's Guide to Classics,' which I thought would look nice and pretentious on my desk when the relatives come over at Christmas.

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