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August 6, 2002 - 2:42 AM

Hello World!

This morning, my dog developed a problem with her back hind paw. She limped around and whined when forced to put any weight on it. So I phoned the vet, who said to bring her along.

The vet looked at my dog. She looked back with her best 'I'm cute, please love me - don't hurt me' expression. The vet looked at my dog's foot.
"Hmm," said the vet. "Has she only got 3 toes?"
"Nope," I said. "She has a lot of fur on her feet though. Maybe you lost one."
The vet picked up the other foot. She discovered four toes on the left hand side.
Intrigued, she picked up the right hind leg again.

"Ah," said the vet. "It seems she's managed to get her toes crossed over. I see how that could be rather painful."
She carefully managed to lever one claw over the other so the foot became normal again. My dog let out a pained yelp as she did so.

At this point, my dog decided enough was enough. She jumped down from the table in the vet's office and preceded to bounce around the room. She looked up at me and the vet, wagging her tail. 'Wuf' she said, and looked expectantly at the door.

I thought this was hilarious. But somehow I managed to pick up my very relieved hound and hold her while the vet trimmed her claws anyway. I scooped the stupid animal up again and drove home.

She is currently sitting on her cushion under my desk chewing happily on a dog toy.

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