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Zinkievich To Leave Cryptic Studios

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich posted his farewell letter on the official Star Trek: Online site today.

After seven years at Cryptic Studios and two-and-a-half working with Star Trek: Online, Zinkievich will be leaving to be replaced by Daniel Stahl.


Star Trek Online: State Of The Game

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Star Trek Online‘s Craig Zinkievich updates fans on the status of the Star Trek: Online MMORPG.

Star Trek Online continues to be a work in progress, with improvements constantly being made, much of it in response to player comments.


Star Trek Online: No Sequel

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Star Trek: Online developer Cryptic has said that there will be no sequel to Star Trek: Online in the future.

The popular game will instead be updated as it is needed. “I’m not really sure it makes sense to create a sequel in the MMO market,” explained Craig Zinkievich, executive producer for Cryptic. “Typically, you see a MMO called a sequel because either a new team worked on the property or the original team wanted to reboot their IP.

“With Star Trek, the beauty is the story is never really finished, so as the IP continues to grow, so can we. Barring a new edition of our engine, I can’t really see us doing a sequel.”

No Star Trek: Online For Consoles

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Although Cryptic had hoped to bring Star Trek: Online to consoles, word has come today that the MMORPG will remain in the PC universe.

Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich said that it wasn’t a matter of not having the technology, as the game had already been set up and tested on consoles, but a matter of money.

“It’s pretty much in the same boat as the [Champions Online] console version right now,” said Zinkievich. “So, currently, just like Champions, the console version of Star Trek Online is on the back burner.”

Zinkievich On Future Star Trek: Online

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich talks about the success of the Star Trek: Online release and explains what is in store for its future.

Other than some server issues, the release of Star Trek: Online went well, according to Zinkievich. “We were just blown away,” he said. “Aside from some server stuff, and I think we handled that extremely well, launch was just great. The amount of people interested in the game was staggering and humbling, and we’re really dedicated to keeping those people happy for the long-term.”


Zinkievich On Star Trek Online Post-Launch

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Now that Star Trek: Online is out, it’s time for the developers to use the feedback from the players to improve the game, as well as looking towards future additions.

Star Trek: Online‘s Executive Producer, Craig Zinkievich, described the mood of the development team, now that the game has been launched. “Everyone’s relieved that the game has finally made it to shelves, and we’re getting some real, live feedback from people across the globe,” he said.


Star Trek Online: State Of The Game

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich updates players and other interested parties on the state of Star Trek: Online.

Now that the launch of Star Trek: Online is past, the emphasis is on fixing problems, tweaking the game and planning for the future.


Star Trek Online: Popularity Will Determine Future Additions

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich spoke about future plans for the recently-released MMORPG.

If Star Trek: Online is embraced by gamers, expect to see such things as further “full-scale” releases/packs to complement the game in future. “Much will depend on the success of Star Trek Online,” said Zinkievich. “We would love for this game to do well, not just because it will earn us money, but because we’re all huge Star Trek fans.”


Star Trek Online: Meeting Old Friends

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich revealed in a new video interview that players may run into familiar names and faces while playing Star Trek: Online.

Even though Star Trek: Online is set in the future from the time-frame most familiar to Star Trek fans, it will still be possible to reconnect with famous personalities from the past. “In the future, most of the characters that you know and love from the series, from the shows, maybe they’ve died, passed, moved on,” said Zinkievich, “but obviously it wouldn’t be a Star Trek game without time-travel so you may run into some of them in the past.”


Star Trek: Online And The Bridge

Friday, November 13th, 2009

When the developers at Cryptic Studios were recreating the Star Trek universe, they initially left out one of the most famous Star Trek sets, the starship bridge.

Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich explained why this was the case. “We didn’t want to have interiors at launch,” he said. “We thought it was just a little bit too much.”


Zinkievich On Post-Launch Star Trek: Online

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

According to Cryptic Studios Producer Craig Zinkievich, some ideas previously omitted from Star Trek: Online may be included as the game evolves.

The development team had “plenty” of ideas, said Zinkievich. “Some of the biggest were allowing players to play as neutral factions (like traders) or play as an officer on another player’s ship.”


Star Trek: Online Updates

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Various websites are offering updates on Star Trek: Online including screenshots, videos and news.

With the closed beta of Star Trek: Online “just around the corner,” more information regarding the MMORPG is being released.


Star Trek: Online – Ships, Screenshots, Beta Selections

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Star Trek: Online has provided some updates, including the full list of ships available for the MMORPG and five new screenshots.

Federation, Klingon and several other ships are listed at Star Trek: Online with some of the ship classes including a link with further information on the ship class, such as the Klingon Raptor.


Zinkievich: Creating Star Trek: Online

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Star Trek Online‘s executive producer spoke about the process of designing the MMORPG.

Making a Star Trek MMO meant finding a new way to explore familiar territory, yet making it fresh and exciting for players. “Well when we got the license we sat in a room and were like ‘OK, what sort of game should we be making with STO?,'” said Zinkievich. “It’s not a case where we said ‘OK, it’s Star Trek and an MMO, lets just apply it.’ There are a number of key features that really drove us in the way that we designed the game.”


Star Trek XI’s Impact On Star Trek: Online

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Although Star Trek: Online is set in the “prime universe,” expect some effects from the events of Star Trek XI to impact the game.

As reported by ZAM, Star Trek: Online Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich explained how the changes due to events in Star Trek XI would affect Star Trek: Online. “In the new movie, Romulus is destroyed by a supernova, throwing the Romulan Empire into chaos,” explained Zinkievich. “That’s the event that sets Nero on his path. Destroying the homeworld of one of the major powers in the universe has a big, big effect on everything and everyone around it.” (more…)