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Hartley: Schtupping Spock

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Mariette Hartley‘s role as Zarabeth in the original series episode All Our Yesterdays is still a fan favorite, and the actress remembers her guest appearance very well, even forty-odd-years later.

But Hartley is surprised that she’s not the only one who remembers the role after so many years. “[People are] still fascinated by [Zarabeth],” she said, after attending last summer’s Creation Entertainment Official Star Trek Convention. “I’m just so stunned. I go there and it’s like going to a foreign country, with so many people in different costumes, dressed as different characters. I’ve met a few Borg, actually. It’s so bizarre and wonderful, and I kept thinking, ‘Are they going to have things like this for Grey’s Anatomy in 20 years?’ This has such a very special heat, still, to it.”