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Vereen: Playing Geordi’s Father

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

For Ben Vereen, stepping into the 21st century was an emotional moment.

Recovering from a serious accident, Vereen welcomed the chance to appear on Star Trek: The Next Generation. “It was LeVar’s idea. I was out of rehab after my accident in 1992,” said Vereen. “I got this letter from Paramount saying that they wanted me to do The Next Generation. And I flipped out. What they didn’t know was that all through my recovery I was watching, every day, episodes of The Next Generation that a friend had given me. When I was working my way back, I’d been putting on Star Trek, and now I was being asked to do an episode. It was overwhelming. Then I went to Paramount and they gave me a uniform and bars, and I was Dr. La Forge, Geordi’s father. I was honored and, to this day, I thank LeVar Burton for that. It was a great, great gift.”