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Gerrold: Fuzzies, Clouds and Mudd

Monday, January 24th, 2011

When most Trek fans hear David Gerrold‘s name, they think The Trouble With Tribbles, but he also wrote the story for Cloud Minders and rewrote I, Mudd, with one of these episodes proving to be a disappointment for him.

At first, Gerrold called the fertile Klingon-hating furballs “Fuzzies” before changing the name to “Tribbles.” “I made the name change, and in retrospect Tribbles is a much better name because Fuzzies is too cute,” he explained. “I don’t think Fuzzies would have developed the same kind of cultural recognition. You wouldn’t have had people referring to Fuzzies the same way they refer to Tribbles. And I think because Tribbles was a neutral word – ‘Here’s this nice little creature and it’s called a ‘Tribble’ – we added a word to the English language. I made a list of silly-sounding words you could call such a creature and cross off all the ones that were too silly. I wanted people to take them seriously.”