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OSU Trek Halftime Band

Thursday, November 6th, 2014


During last week’s Ohio State football game against Illinois, sci-fi fans were treated to a science fiction-themed halftime show.

The OSU band’s halftime show was They Came from Outer Space.


Shatner: Always A Sci-Fi Fanatic

Friday, February 27th, 2009

He may have played a captain from the twenty-third century, but William Shatner is frustrated that he’ll never know what the real future holds.

As reported by IGN, Shatner used to read science-fiction before his time on Star Trek. “I was always a sci-fi fanatic,” he said. “I was reading all those guys who came to write for us on Star Trek several years before Star Trek existed. Those great science-fiction writers of the 50’s and 60’s and 70’s, they were brilliant storytelling minds, and the fascination, for me, is imagining a world that you’ll never see, you’ll never be a part of. In 2020, when the last bubble of methane comes out of the arctic lake, what’s going to happen? What’s going to happen in 100 years when what the planet has planned now goes through its many manifestations? It drives me crazy that I will not know what’s going to happen.” (more…)