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Roper: Gamers Should Be Excited About Star Trek: Online

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Cryptic’s experience in creating games is a bonus when it comes to making a new game such as Star Trek: Online, according to Cryptic Studio’s Design Director/Executive Producer Bill Roper, as the developers don’t have to focus on inventing the basics, but can focus on new and more interesting ideas to enrich their new game, making the game better for players.

As reported by Virgin Media, Cryptic works from a core tool set which has been developed over the past few years. “It grows on its own with requests from the development teams,” explained Roper. “The huge benefit of that is we’re not recreating the wheel every time we’re working on a game. Those core tools are there: how missions get built, how effects hook up, the graphics pipeline, all those things that can take so long. So the teams get to focus much more than usual on just building content and game systems, which is a huge benefit. It allows us to create games faster because we’re not having to create all the associated technology every time, and it also enables us to make games that are richer in experience because we’re spending the bulk of our time on that content, on what’s going in.” (more…)