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Auberjonois: Revisiting Odo

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Rene Auberjonois shared his thoughts recently on playing Odo, including what he thought the character would be, how Odo evolved, and Odo’s relationship with Quark and with Kira Nerys.

One of the aspects that Auberjonois liked about Odo was knowing next to nothing about the character and watching him evolve. “So, where I thought in the beginning that I didn’t want to know where he was from and loved that it was a mystery, I also loved the fact that when we got a script – one that focused on Odo and his world – I’d learn something new that I didn’t know about the character,” said Auberjonois. “I would have to ingest it and incorporate it into this character that was being built over seven years.