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Goodman To Appear In Not All Dogs Go To Heaven

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Family Guy Executive Producer David Goodman spoke about the Not All Dogs Go To Heaven Family Guy episode which features the voices of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast.

As reported by io9, Goodman explained why he and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane chose to do an episode of Family Guy with the cast of The Next Generation. “Seth and I are huge fans of Star Trek, and we realized that while there have been plenty of episodic television that brought back the cast of the original series, in fact, I wrote one of them for Futurama. Seth and I realized that nobody had really reunited The Next Generation, and many of them had appeared on our show. Next Generation was a hugely popular show. We’re not going to reference the most popular and current shows. Our stock in trade are our own memories of those shows we watched when we were younger.” (more…)