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NASA New Horizons Mission Trek Names

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015


A proposed list of names for geological features on Pluto and its moons includes a few names familiar to Trek fans.

NASA‘s New Horizons team has submitted the list of names which came from an “OurPluto” online survey.


Stewart Narrated NASA Documentary

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015


A new NASA giant-screen documentary on the future of human space travel was narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart.

The documentary is called Journey to Space.


Captain Kirk Goes To Space

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014


When NASA’s Orion Exploration Flight Test-1 (EFT-1) blasts off tomorrow, “Captain Kirk” will be going along for the ride.

Orion will “fly fifteen times farther out than the International Space Station before plummeting back to Earth to test its heat shield at speeds nearing what it would experience if it was returning from the moon. After re-entry, the Orion will deploy parachutes and then splash down in the Pacific Ocean, where it will be recovered by the Navy.”


Shatner-NASA Twitter Exchange

Monday, August 4th, 2014


An exchange between NASA and William Shatner on Twitter brought smiles to fans of both.

Back in 2013, Shatner tweeted Astronaut Chris Hadfield, to ask if the astronaut was live-tweeting from space. “@WilliamShatner Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain,” replied Hadfield. “And we’re detecting signs of life on the surface.”


NASA’s Warp Drive Ship Design

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014


A new design from NASA Physicist Harold White shows what a ship designed for faster-than-light travel might look like.

White teamed up with Artist Mark Rademaker to create a model which will look familiar to Star Trek fans.


Shatner Receives NASA Award

Monday, April 28th, 2014


William Shatner received an award from NASA on Saturday.

The award was presented to Shatner at his annual Hollywood Charity Horse Show.


Burton’s NASA Maven PSA

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013


Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s LeVar Burton has done a NASA YouTube public service announcement explaining the MAVEN mission.

The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission will “explore Mars’ climate history and gather clues about the question scientists have been asking for decades.”


Star Trek And NASA Meetup

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

This morning, Damon Lindelof, Chris Pine, Alice Eve and John Cho joined astronauts Mike Finke, Kjell Lindgren (Houston), and Chris Cassidy (on the ISS) in an hour-long NASA broadcast in a “space bridge” webcast at Google+ Hangout.

J.J. Abrams, due to attend, was unable to do so, but submitted his intriguing question via taped video.


Shatner And Wheaton Narrate NASA Videos

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

William Shatner and Wil Wheaton narrate the story of NASA’s latest planetary science mission.

The video is called Grand Entrance and takes viewers from the Mars entry of the Curiosity rover, through descent and then after the landing on the “Red Planet.”


NASA Attempting To Develop Tractor Beam

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

In a case of life imitating art, NASA is trying to develop a tractor beam.

Researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center have received funding for a project to see if lasers can be used to capture stardust. The tests will be conducted on robotic space missions.


Uhura: Back On The Bridge

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Nichelle Nichols appeared live from Kennedy Space Center this morning on CNN’s American Morning Live show.

Kennedy Space Center is hosting Star Trek: The Exhibition this summer and Nichols’ interview took place on the Bridge of the USS Enterprise that is part of that exhibition, but instead of her usual place at the communications console, she was interviewed sitting in the Captain’s chair.


James T. Kirk Wakes Up Shuttle Crew

Monday, March 7th, 2011

William Shatner provided the voiceover as Alexander Courage’s original series theme song woke up the crew of STS-133 Discovery this morning.

The Star Trek theme song received the second-highest number of votes in NASA’s “Space Rock” wake-up song public voting poll, in which fans chose from forty songs, with the two songs that received the highest number of votes to be played during STS-133 mission.


Nimoy: A Space Exploration Fan

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Exploring outer space isn’t something that Leonard Nimoy wants to see limited to just movie-making.

While accepting the 2010 Douglas S. Morrow Public Outreach Award yesterday, Nimoy shared his thoughts on space exploration, and a famous Star Trek fan who just happens to run the country.


Worf And The International Space Station

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Amongst the items delivered by the Discovery space shuttle to the International Space Station earlier today, was a patch with a Star Trek connection.

The acronym for the NASA patch for the Window Observational Research Facility, a science equipment rack that will enable astronaut-tended and remote-controlled Earth-observation experiments, is the same as the name of Lt. Commander Worf, the Klingon seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


New Star Trek-Inspired NASA Poster

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

In a move sure to delight Star Trek fans who are also NASA fans, NASA’s crew poster for Shuttle Mission STS-134 is based on a Star Trek XI poster.

STS-134, the last shuttle mission, is due to launch July 29, 2010, at 7:51 A.M. EDT. On board will be Commander Mark Kelly, Pilot Gregory H. Johnson, Mission Specialists Michael Fincke, Greg Chamitoff and Andrew Feustel, plus Roberto Vittori, astronaut from the European Space Agency.