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McIntyre: Writing Early Star Trek Novels

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Vonda McIntyre, author of The Entropy Effect and several other Star Trek novels, ran into an unexpected problem when writing The Entropy Effect.

She had created a first name for Hikaru Sulu, but Paramount wasn’t happy about the idea at first.


Wait Tables, Don’t Write Tie-In Novels!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

1980’s Star Trek novelist Vonda N. McIntyre found out that some people would have rather seen her as a waitress rather than a tie-in author.

As reported by Book View Cafe Blog, some of McIntyre’s colleagues were appalled when they found out that she was writing tie-in novels for Star Trek. “Some of my colleagues took exception to my polluting my precious bodily fluids with evil tie-in novels,” she said. “You’d’ve thought they believed they had to save my soul, blathering about the improvement in my moral character that would result if instead I took an honest job as a waitress. (A job that to be done well requires character traits that I both admire and am well aware I don’t possess.)” (more…)