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Hertzler Takes On New Role

Thursday, November 7th, 2013


Look out Ulysses, New York; a Klingon general will now be running your town!

J. G. Hertzler is branching out from acting, and recently ran for the Ulysses Town Board.


Hertzler: Being Different Wins Role

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

After more than a dozen attempts to land a Star Trek role, J.G. Hertzler scored by thinking outside of the box.

Although he had worked on Star Trek before (Star Trek: The Next Generation: Emissary) Hertzler found it difficult to land the next Star Trek role. “I’d auditioned for Trek a lot,” he said. “I’d guess about fourteen times. I’d come in, punch my card and people would say, ‘Good to see you again. What are you reading this time?’ I’d say, ‘Oh, a Cardassian,” or whatever it was. I finally told my agent, ‘Don’t send me up to Star Trek anymore. They’ve seen everything I could possibly ever do and I haven’t gotten a role. Don’t waste their time or my time.’”