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Martin: From Comics to Trek Books

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Michael A. Martin‘s Star Trek geekiness led to a partnership that resulted in writing for Trek comics and then for Trek novels, finally leading to his own solo Trek writing career.

A phone call from Andy Mangels got the ball rolling for Martin. “[He] told me that Marvel had just picked up the Star Trek comics license,” said Martin. “He wanted to pitch to Marvel, but felt that his ‘Trekspertise’ might not be up to the challenge, since he was more of a Star Wars authority. So he asked me if I, a notorious Star Trek geek, wanted to collaborate with him.”


Mangels: Fleshing Out Star Trek Characters

Friday, November 12th, 2010

When creating new characters for his Star Trek books, author Andy Mangels strove for variety, and to make those characters more than just a Star Trek rank.

Mangels’ Trek work began in the early 1990s with several unpublished DC Comics Star Trek: The Next Generation comic books, after which he co-authored a dozen Star Trek novels.