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Madsen On Changes To Fandom

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Dan Madsen, known to long-time Trek fans as the man behind the Star Trek Communicator magazine as well as the Official Star Trek fan club, reflected upon the changes in fandom brought about by today’s instant communication.

The Internet has changed how fandom interacts, and that is both good and bad according to Madsen. “Fandom is, in some ways, different today than when I ran the fan club,” he said. “The Internet allows fans to find out information in a heartbeat, so the thrill of waiting for the magazine and hearing the latest news is gone.”


Live long and prosper, with the Force!

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

With the success of the latest Star Trek film, science fiction fans face the “Which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars?” question yet again.

As reported by TheForce.Net, The Force-Cast has posted a roundtable discussion where insights into both Star Wars and Star Trek are offered, including reasons for the longevity and popularity of both of the franchises. (more…)