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Car Crash Spun Bana Movie In Different Direction

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Eric Bana’s documentary film about his love affair with a 1974 Ford Falcon GT Coupe (Love the Beast) took a different turn when he wrapped his favorite car around a tree halfway through filming.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, Bana, who will appear on the screen as Nero in Star Trek XI, was filming his documentary Love the Beast at the Targa Tasmania Rally in 2007 when he crashed his beloved car into a tree. Bana had been thinking more along the lines of a win, not a wreck, but he turned the mishap to his advantage. “Winning might have been more personally satisfying for me,” he explained, “but there’s no doubt that when I crashed the car, the director in me was quite thrilled about Act III.” (more…)